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Shepherd Gourmet Dairy Icelandic-style Skyr is high in protein and calcium, and is available in 3 flavours: plain, vanilla and blueberry.


Simple, yet delicious. Enjoy our creamy original Icelandic-style Skyr. 

Ingredients: Pasteurized skim milk, Bacterial Culture, Microbial Enzyme.


With the sweet taste of vanilla, this Skyr is sure to please all palates alike.

Ingredients: Pasteurized skim milk, Vanilla Syrup (Sugar, Water, Vanilla Extract), Bacterial Culture, Microbial Enzyme.


Just like our other flavours, our blueberry skyr is high in protein and calcium. It is fruity just as it is delectable!

Ingredients: Pasteurized skim milk, Blueberry fruit preparation (sugar, blueberries, water, natural flavour, pectin), Bacterial Culture, Microbial Enzyme.